HortiMaX MCO2 Sensor Unit

Instant CO2 readings with our MCO2 sensor unit

Our new MCO2 sensor unit provides all of the benefits of instant CO2 readings without the need
to replace your current sensor equipment. This inexpensive unit can be installed anywhere in your greenhouse (e.g. hung among the crops or mounted to a column). Since the CO2 measurements are available instantly, the CO2 controller is sent accurate and up-to-the-moment data. This enables significant energy savings to be made, as the controller can determine precisely when to start and stop CO2 enrichment.

More information?

PDF Click here to download our MCO2 Sensor Unit leaflet in English

PDF Click here to download our MCO2 Sensor Unit leaflet in German

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HortiMaX MCO2 Sensor Unit
  • Uses the same CO2 sensor as our Ektron II sensor unit
  • Fitted with an aspirated sensor for greater accuracy
  • Eliminates measuring delays or disruptions due to leakages or condensation in the measuring tubes
  • Provides faster and more reliable measurements
  • Requires little maintenance