HortiMaX iManager

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Focus more on managing your crop
Reducing administrative burdens, so more time can be spent on your product, employees and quality improvement – that, in a nutshell, is the power of our iManager app. HortiMaX Productive was designed to save costs and make employees and managers more efficient. With iManager, crop or nursery managers can complete their tasks even faster and easier, and do so while on the move. This allows them to spend more time in the greenhouse, focussing on what matters most - your crop. That’s why iManager is the must-have management and operations tool for every manager in the horticulture sector.

Designed with you in mind
iManager complements our existing Productive solution and is mainly intended for supervisors and crop managers, as well as maintenance engineers who often work with labor management, quality control and/or pest registration forms. With iPads becoming more and more popular, the development of iManager was a logical step forward. Designed for its intuitiveness, our mobile app lets you get started right away.

Adjust bonuses by work quality
Productive gives you the freedom to decide how employee performance should be evaluated. You can define both the evaluation criteria and the minimum and maximum performance ratings. Evaluation criteria are linked to an activity together with a weighting factor. This determines how an unsatisfactory rating will affect the employee's bonus, motivating your workforce to do the best job they can. This is optional, however, since evaluations can also be used simply for reporting purposes.

100% digital and off-line
With iManager, paper is a thing of the past: you’ll be 100% digital. No more copying data by hand, which is both time-consuming and error-prone. But what if you move out of range of your WiFi network? No problem at all, iManager even works off-line. The data entered will be uploaded automatically once your WiFi connection is restored.

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HortiMaX iManager
  • Monitor your operational processes online (in real-time) and offline
  • Evaluate work quality objectively
  • Have employees sign their evaluations for acceptance
  • Display information on employees, locations or carts instantly
  • Supports IPM by allowing input of observations in Greenhouse View

Customer testimonial

Great Northern, Canada

Great Northern in Ontario, Canada, is a successful tomato producer in a competitive and fast-growing market. Key to their success is not only the fact that they stand out from the competition, but also their cost-effective operational management. Investing in new systems has contributed to this success, because ‘to stand still is to fall behind’ as they say. One of these systems is HortiMaX Productive, which allows growers to make considered management decisions based on the most up-to-date information. We talked to Guido van het Hof about greenhouse management systems.

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